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February 9, 2015

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed our brief foray into spring. I’ve been hearing some spring birds, mostly Song Sparrows. A really great way to help your child mark the changing seasons is to see what nature is doing, and listening to birds in spring is a great start. You can also notice how the days are getting longer, it’s still light later in the day, and the sun is higher in the sky.

Please remember to check the weather reports each day so you’ll know how to dress your child. We go outside to play if it’s above 15 degrees, including wind chill, and not raining.


BLACK HISTORY NIGHT is this Wednesday from 6-8 pm! This event is going to be lots of fun, starting with a jazz combo RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR DOOR in the school atrium! Ms. Jane’s son and former Ray student, Michael Panelas, will be performing with some of the most outstanding student jazz musicians in the city, including Isaiah Collier, who recently performed with Herbie Hancock! Since the preschoolers have been learning about jazz, this is their one opportunity to see a real jazz band so Don’t miss it!

Black History Night will also include: food, a poetry slam, a performance by the Chicago Children’s Choir, and a tour of the great projects Ray students have put together.

OPEN HOUSE FOR PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN Wednesday at 9:00-10:00 in the atrium. Here is your opportunity to find out what’s been going on in our classroom, ask questions and find out what the rest of the year looks like.

This week we’ll be learning about books, counting, writing, and how light works.

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