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March 23, 2015





Hannah’s grandfather came to our morning class and gave the children a video presentation of southwest Native American dance in the auditorium. He also showed us pictures of paintings he did. Its was so exciting! The children were fascinated, danced along with the video and asked many great questions. Thanks, Mr. Steve for coming to visit our classroom!




Hi Everyone!

We’re in for another blast of cool air before spring really arrives. Please dress your child for outside play.


1) Spring break actually starts on Friday, April 3. This is a professional development day and there will be no school until April 13.

2) We are going on a field trip on May 14 to see “Elephant and Piggies” at the Emerald City Theater. If you haven’t turned in your money, please do so as soon as possible so we can cover the cost of the tickets which have to be purchased in advance. It costs $13.00 for each child, $7.00 for adult chaperones. We have tickets for 10 chaperones per classroom (5 in the morning, 5 in the afternoon). Adult tickets are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

3) Wednesday afternoon a team of people from Early Childhood will be at Ray School to register new students from 1-4 pm. Please let any friends know that they can come to Ray that day to sign up for next year. You do not have to sign up your child if they are already in the program.

4) There are only a few days left that our Donors Choose project will have funds matched! Please go to to contribute to our fund for a Listening Center (cd player, wireless headphones, cabinet, books and cds). Add the word SPARK where it says “Promo or gift code” on the checkout screen.

What we’ve been doing in class:

This last week the children got to go on the Kohl Storybus! I hope they told you all about it. It was the story of the 3 Pigs. We’ve been reading 3 Pigs stories and will read more of them (there are dozens!) and compare what we’ve read. As we look at the story of the 3 Pigs, we’ll be thinking about homes and how they’re built, what we need to have in a home, how homes differ depending on the environment. We’ll also be thinking about construction and moving into 3 dimensional sculptures.

We started talking about measurement in school, mostly comparing small, medium and large sizes. We are thinking about different words we use to describe a size as well as the attributes of the size (tallness, width, weight, etc.). We will be looking at units of measurement this week. Since measuring using a ruler is pretty high level for this age group, we start with non-standard units of measurement, such as unifix cubes, blocks, etc. The important thing is that we use the same unit of measurement.

In art last week we were looking at color mixing. We mixed watercolor paints and we mixed cellophane. We’ll be doing more of this this week with play dough (see play dough recipe on recipes page of the blog).

In literacy we’ve been working on rhyming and identifying beginning letter sounds. We’ll be continuing on with this as we learn more letter sounds. If your child is not catching on to the alphabet or letter sounds, don’t worry. Reading is a developmental process and children learn at different rates. By the time they are in 3rd or 4th grade, it all evens out. It is important to “keep it real,” and by that I mean, keep reading cool stories to your child, point out letters in your child’s name and maybe in other places where you see the same letters, and don’t stress yourselves or your child out. Keep giving them experiences and the vocabulary to go with those experiences. For example, invite your child to help in the kitchen to make a favorite recipe. Read the recipe to your child, show them the ingredients and the measuring cups, use real words for what you’re doing like “Combine the ingredients with a spatula.” These are the kinds of things that will help your child become strong readers.

I look forward to seeing you all this week!


Jane Averill

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