Children’s Stories

MONSTER STORIES (October 2010)

Once upon a time there was a big monster. He run home and he paint a picture and then he went to bed. The sun was outside.

–Isabel age 4

Once upon time there were 2 people and a monster came out. He could go in people’s jeans and he was a mean and rude monster. He did not understand anything nice so that’s why was mean and nasty.

–Raul  age 4

Once upon a time there was an old lady and an old man. At nighttime lightning was everywhere and then a beast came and had poison flowers and a mask. Then snakes came. Then ghosts came and the storm came and they filled the rumble and he ate up the people.

–London  age 5

Once upon a time there were no monsters because you can’t see them and there are no monsters.

–Henry  age 4

Once upon a time there was a monster named nothing. He went to the park and he fell and bumped his head. Then an animal made out of leaves saw him. He took the leaves and tore the leaves up. And then he tore the leaves and a dragon came and blew fire on the monster.

–Landon age 4

Once upon a time there was a monster. He died. It saw a pony. H e found a book. Then he saw a frog. I think he saw a shell. The shell moved. The shell had pony and he saw some eyes. But the frog died, too.  It saw some roosters, but the roosters died. Then the pony died because the monsters put all the animals in jail.  The animals died because Hello Kitty gets them out because she’s magical. It’s a cookie book. It’s a haunted story.

–Anna  age 3

Once upon a time there was a monster. He’s big. He can fly and he eat the fly. He jumped. He eat the lizard and he swallowed the fly. He eat another animal and he swallowed a giraffe. And that’s the end.

–Jacob  age 3

Once upon a time there was monster green. The monster name was green. Hair pink.

–Jiho  age 3

Once upon a time there was a monster. He looked like a squishy and sticky “unsee” (that means sticky). He got gooey and sticky eyes.

–Yaseen age 4

Once upon a time there was a monster. He missed his mommy.

–Emily age 3

Once upon a time there was a monster that ate a person in the forest and his name was AR. The monster was tall and AR was little. The monster was sick and hungry and he fell. The policeman came and shove the monster and then the police took the monster to jail.

–Kendall age 4

Once upon a time there was a monster, a little monster who was hunting in the woods. A little wolf came out and smelled something. He smelled a big monster and then he ate some food. The monster was really scared. The monster ran.

He was still lost and then he ran again. He ran really fast because the wolf was trying to chase him.  The wolf went fast, too, to chase the monster. The monster ran faster and then the wolf got tired.  But the wolf got better and better and better and then the wolf started to chase him again. It was still going faster and the monster was still going faster, too.

He saw somebody working and then somebody helped him. He was running faster but the wolf couldn’t catch him. But the wolf still get closer to him. He saw somebody ride a train and somebody was having fun with the train. He was laughing but the monster still ran away because the wolf was getting closer to him.

Then the wolf was really, really, really getting hungry again. Then he ate the food but when he got closer to him he didn’t see anybody. He didn’t see the monster, he didn’t see any children and he didn’t see any kids because the kids were going to school.

Then the wolf started to run. Then the monster was starting to run, too, because the wolf was starting to get him. And he goes really, really fast and the wolf was going really, really fast because he mother didn’t want to miss him.

The monster was going really fast and then the wolf was going really fast and then he was slowing down and he saw somebody to help again. He got home safe from the big wolf.

–Gianna  age 3

Once upon a time there was a big beast. A lot of big beasts were all over the galaxy. They robbed the store, the diamond store, and the police came. The monsters left something valuable – a golden gun. So one of the monsters was still at the diamond store. They boost their power and the golden gun and they heard a knock and shot the beast. The beast’s body was spread all over into little pieces and it mixed with the valuable gold.

–Landon  age 4

Once upon a time there was a ghost that scared a witch by saying “Trick a Treat” and all the people get out and said, “Get out the way or I’ll punch you in the eye and eat you up!” And they ate up all the ghosts.

–Yaseen age 4

Zoo Stories

By the Children in Room 413 After Their Field Trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo


Zoo Train by Carter

Once upon a time there was a boy named Carter. He liked Legos Zoo Train. An elephant and a monkey and a lion and a giraffe and a tiger and a flamingo.


The Zoo by Austin

A dolphin. The tiger. The baby jaguar. The pumas. The penguins. The monkeys. The speckled bear. The gorilla. The sharks. The whale. The animals on the train.


The Hippo by Kahlil

The hippo was really sad cause he can’t swim. He can’t swim because he’s too fat. Cause he ate too much. He ate too much because he was hungry. He was hungry because he liked to be strong.


The Farm by John

I went in the farm. And I saw cows washing and milking at the same time. And I saw them poop. And it was yucky. I got to pet the goats.


Lion by Ian

It was on the rocks. It roared. It got off.


The Hyena Gets Eaten By the Lion by Rikesh

Once upon a time there was a hyena. And a badger. Soon the badger was gone. Soon a lion came. The hyena said to himself, “Maybe that lion late Badger.” Soon the lion made and awful ROAR! The hyena started to run. The lion chased after the hyena. The hyena started to run superfast. But the lion was catching up. The lion wrapped the hyena with its giant claw and pulled him up with all his might. The hyena couldn’t escape. The lion squeeze the hyena’s leg harder. Soon the lion ate him in one gulp.


The Lion by Ahmad

The lion was sleeping and then he woke up and he ate a bird.

(Editor’s note: we really witnessed this! Poor pidgeon shouldn’t have landed 2 feet from the lioness ….)


By Arthur

I saw a dragon and it and the lion bit the flamingos. Then the lion got out of his cage and then it tried to bite all the animals, but not the animals that were in the glass, and not even the Kapuchen monkeys.


(Editor’s note: We saw a zebra that was having seizures. The veterinarians had been there to check on it. The following stories are reflect the children’s fascination with this.)


Zebra by Auden

It was sick. It was lying down. It was in a truck. The zebras were standing up. Because they weren’t sick.


The Surgery Truck for the Zebra by Ben

The surgery truck was feeling the zebra’s heart. And it was not beating at all. And the surgery truck knew it was sick. Then they put it in a hospital bed. And it was so sick it rolled over.


By Sean

A zebra was walking. And then it bumped into a lion. The lion was walking but then the lion bumped into a African wild dog.


By Niel

Once at the zoo there was a zebra that was sick. Then the mother zebra was very sad. And they lived happily ever after.


By River

That’s the zebra laying down. A truck came. The doctor got out the truck. And she checked the zebra’s whole body.



September 10, 2007

Ria’s Birthday Story

Once it was my birthday. And her name was Ria. And she had a cake, a chocolate cake. I was really hungry because I wanted lunch.


Once upon a time there was me and my dad. I was sleeping and then there was a bad guy in my room. Then there was a bad Ms. Jane (it wasn’t you). She take my mom and dad! And she hurt my head. It fly and hurt my head, and put the building down. And Bad Ms. Jane fired all the town, and even blocked the tree! And fired the tree! And fired the dress and the shirt. Then it broke my body. The End


About a kid and a monster. Once upon a time there was a monster. The kid’s mommy and daddy hugged me and took them to the water fountain. And they live happily ever after.


I go to preschool and I go to Spanish class.


The monsters were taking me and then I got away and then they were all over the place.


There was monsters and they were all over the place and then they got dead.

September 4, 2007


Once upon a time there was the monsters all over the place. And then the monsters were tearing my head and putting me on the bed. Then I was laughing all over the place. I was landing all around outside. Then I saw the monsters over there and then my mommy and daddy hugged me very much and my mommy and daddy took me home.


My story is monsters were all over the place and there were ghosts all over the place.


One day I saw a monster with my daddy and me and him were all over Chicago. the ghosts were still in the plane and we weren’t in the plane.


There was a bat upstairs in my old school. I gave Ben woodchips so he could get it away. And then one day it was still in there! And then I went upstairs so I could see it and then I run downstairs cause it was still up there.


When I was sleeping there was a monster that took my mom and dad away. And he was trying to put me away but my head was hurting. And then a sky was on my head. And then the bacterias eat the bad guy away. But it was just a dream.


JACOB’S STORY ABOUT THE MURAL ON THE WALL IN THE HALL- told to me while I was trying to get him to calm down for nap today. He told me a lot more before I realized that I needed to go get a paper and pencil to write down what he was telling me.

The people in the box [he had earlier described them as tall or long which they clearly are] actually they—the rain [he also described the raindrop as a tear at one point but decided it should be rain instead]—the orange rain is gonna break the box—break it open and then they [the people in the box] will fall near the cheetah and the spider. [I have to admit I hadn’t noticed most of the items he was describing after almost 5 years of passing that wall but he was into all the details]. When they first drop they’ll have to fight these guys but they don’t have a weapon. But they can swim, actually they can’t swim that water cuz that water goes too fast. But actually they will have to stay and fight those guys until they fall into the pit. Actually there is a pit but you can’t see it near the edge. [This was in response to my query about where the pit was.]

There’s a volcano, see right there, and when they go inside the volcano they will not die because the volcano fish and not go in the water.

The creature actually, the little creature that has cherries in his mouth. It’s actually gonna give it to that creature right there. That face is gonna such up the cherries and the stars in the sky.


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